Residential portfolio:

Pot Light Installation

Our team is extremely efficient when installing pot lights. With years of experience, we’ve created a system that allows us to be quick, while delivering outstanding results. We execute interior, and exterior installation to the highest standard, and also enjoy leaving your space beautiful, and you happy!



As shown in the pictures you can see our team at Zak Electric has installed exterior lighting to create a beautiful night time atmosphere. To see more of the process, check out our project gallery below.  

Lighting up beautiful Sunroom

This sunroom project allowed our team to create a functional and cozy space for our clients. We’ve enhanced the natural lighting with recessed lights spread across the ceiling and on the siding. Even on those cloudy days, our clients have the ability to create an energizing space that is beautifully bright. 


Collaborating with contractors

We at Zak electric are always looking to take on big and exciting projects. Collaborating with contractors and other professionals to create beautiful and functional spaces.  When we work together it allows us to create the most efficient layout for your project, ensuring the easiest way to access and setup electrical outlets, wiring and lighting. When we work with builders, it creates a space for open communication and different perspectives to allow both parties to excel and create an exceptional outcome for any desired project. 

Electrical Wiring

With our teams incredible set of skills, we have the capability to complete any day-to-day electrical wiring problems, in a quick and timely fashion. Understanding you need fast solutions for your electrical problems. Below is our team taking on some day-to-day electrical wiring tasks!

Project Gallery

Want to see how our team gets things done? Take an in depth look at our process of completing residential projects.